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We love the new Jacobs branding

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Biscuit brand Jacob’s launches new logo and packaging
Tue, 20 Jan 2015 | By Angus Montgomery in Design Week

Jacob’s biscuits is rolling out a new identity and packaging designs as part of a £10 million push to create a new “masterbrand” for the biscuits.

The new designs for the United Biscuits brand have been created by JKR.

Jacob’s announced the brand push last April, when it launched a new advertising campaign created by Publicis.

As part of the move, all UB’s savoury biscuit brands – which include Mini Cheddars and Twiglets – are being brought under the Jacob’s masterbrand.

Martin Glenn, chief executive of UB, said at the time, ‘[This project] will improve and simplify the shopping experience for customers, putting all our savoury brands clearly under the same premium masterbrand.’

Previous logo

New designs and packaging for the Jacob’s range are now rolling out.

The new packs see the Jacob’s typeface updated and new pack graphics used. A new strapline “baked to delight” replaces the previous “simply baked” line. The apostrophe in the Jacob’s name has also been dropped.

The Jacob’s black diamond remains, but the wordmark has moved up to make space for the product names.

JKR also worked on UB’s £12 million relaunch of McVitie’s biscuits last year. This saw all of UB’s sweet biscuit brands (with the exception of Go Ahead!) brought under the McVitie’s branding.

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