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Drinking Beer is about to become more fun....just what we need!

Last updated: 4.03pm, by Iain McGregor

Heineken has launched the first "smart beer bottle". The new bottle uses micro sensors and wireless technology to sense motion and it lights up in response. It also lights up with various effects when you knock bottles to say cheers with someone or take a drink. The LEDs can even apparently be remotely activated by a light source and synchronized with music. How cool is that?

But don't get too excited it is only at prototype stage. And, of course, cost will be a consideration when bringing it to market

It was revealed at Milan Design Week. Heineken claims it embraces the start-up culture of experimentation because "invention never sleeps". It believes that the best ‘user experiences’ tap into existing consumer behaviors and push technology into the background. The intent of the Heineken Ignite project was to develop an idea that would create a memorable Heineken experience unlocking the power and possibilities of mobile innovation and technology.

Heineken believes that mobile innovation can offer a much more rewarding experience than just an app and embraced the challenge to think about how the product could be leveraged as an interface to the brand experience.

We certainly like it and look forward to having a rewarding experience drinking beer......OK more rewarding.

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