For many years OKO asian express restaurant in the centre of Glasgow has been a mainstay of the student scene. Bootlace was commissioned to re-brand and reposition the restaurant to extend its appeal to business people and shoppers.

The rebranding included redesigning the logo, designing the exterior to align the restaurant with the the new position and designing the interior to make it a more pleasant dining experience. Once this was completed we created new menus for the restaurant and the delivered, and collected, takeaway customer who prefers to dine at home. This was followed by a loyalty card scheme and an incentivised competition to collect customer data to start a programme of e-engagement with the target market. We are currently developing the website which will have an online ordering system with a payment gateway. The website will have smart phone and iPad functionality and will use geotagging to identify where meals are to be delivered.

Since the rebrand the revenues of the restaurant, which has not changed its already excellent menu, have gone up by a staggering 40%. A great example of the power of branding and the ROI that can be achieved by good, effective design.

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